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The ups and downs and comings and goings of the Ca Va history


Our regular clients included local funksters Cado Belle with Maggie Reilly singing, songwriter Ken Halle, String Driven Thing with Chris & Pauline Adams fronting the band and Gerry Rafferty’s producer Hugh Murphy.


More demos with Glasgow’s Dead End Kids, London’s Charisma label brought up the reworked String Driven Thing with Kim Beacon singing.


Ca Va still remained at Brian's home until he was approached by a club owner to consider an involvement with the under performing Thor Studios in Glasgow's St.Vincent Street.This amalgamation turned out to be the first of many ! The move meant instantly going 8 track   on an " Ampex MM-1000 1" recorder and a Tweed Audio 16-8 mixing console - wow !! So on May 30 1977 Brian became a partner with Glasgow impressario Harry Margolis and recorded his first session with Edinburgh's Cafe Jacques for CBS at the newly named Ca Va Studio at 201 St.Vincent Street in the City Centre. This linked for the first time Brian with Edinburgh's Bruce Findlay - the Cafe Jacques manager. We also recorded for EMI records Scotland’s first punk band ... The Jolt. 

After a couple of month's rebuilding works, Ca Va officially opened on Friday 28th October, 1977 with a wild studio party. Our opening guests included Billy Connolly, Cado Belle (who played live that night) and Supertramp with Chris de Burgh (who all came straight after their gig at Glasgow's Apollo Theatre). By September London bands via Rialto Records began recording in Glasgow - Rob Spensely of The Walkie Talkies and Kim Beacon's Serenaders. Kim demoed the future UK & European Top 10 hit " If I had you " at Ca Va during these sessions. The hit was with Kim's guitarist - Andy Davis's new band The Korgis in 1980.

The next few years were real fun with the new post-punk Glasgow sound emerging with Simple Minds, Cuban Heels and Altered Images. Brian's friend - Lex McEwan joined as engineer but left after a year to become a Cornwallian surfer. Lex was replaced by Brian's future partner - musician - Cy Jack. Alison Bye also joined from BBC Scotland as administrator.

History note: Johnny and the Self Abusers recorded at Ca Va for the first time on July 16th, 1977 for Chiswick Records.. They came back for their first session as Simple Minds on November 8th, 1977 and were signed up immediately by Bruce Findlay to his own Zoom label via Arista Records.


Technology was progressing and Brian was offered a great package from American studio   equipment manufacturers - MCI. " 24 track " recording meant being able to record the masters for entire projects. So for a cool £ 45,000 back in August 2nd 1979 ( when Glasgow West End house prices were around £25,000 ) Ca Va went to work with a MCI JH-600 console with 28 channels and automation and an MCI JH-24 24 track 2" recorder - sheer class !

The first Ca Va 24 track session was with the band Compliment on August 2nd, 1979. Midge Ure was one of the first producers to try out the new system with new signings Modern Man and their album “ Concrete Scheme”.


The film soundtrack for Bill Forsyth's very first movie - "That Sinking Feeling" with ex-Cado Belle saxman Colin Tully as music writer was entirely recorded at Ca Va. Richard Branson of Virgin Records also visited us while courting Simple Minds, they became his new signings from their Ca Va sessions. Ca Va released through its label - Circle in the Square - an album compilation of all the best Glasgow bands of the day entitled - "Running in Mazes". Michael Appleton the producer of BBC TV's "The Old Grey Whistle Test" loved the album and featured tracks from it and added various animations. Through a Ca Va production deal, the Cuban Heels drummer Ali McKenzie set-up his own label Cuba Libre distributed through Virgin Records- and became reknowned for the music of The Shakin Pyramids. The building at St.Vincent Street was rented and the owners wanted to demolish for renovation - Ca Va therefore had to move. Luckily a West End church up for sale was spotted in a Glasgow Herald small ad . The last session at the second home of Ca Va was on May 25th 1981 with new romantic Virgin act - End Games. The first session at the third home of Ca Va (now renamed Ca Va Sound Workshops) at the former Kelvingrove Church of Scotland building at 30 Bentinck Street was on June 15th 1981 and was with Glasgow's musical theatre company - Wildcat. We initially moved into the former kitchen and Sunday school area so we could build in the main church area, however the worst winter weather conditions for many years hit Glasgow that year and we had severe internal roof damage when we discovered internal Victorian downpipes which had frozen then burst.

We survived !

History note: The very first Tube TV music programme was partly recorded at Ca Va featuring     Island records' new Glasgow signings - Set The Tone with Jools Holland interviewing the all girl band - Sophisticated Boom Boom in Ca Va's rehearsal room area - The Hellfire Club run by David Henderson and Jackie Bradley. Actress Libby McArthur was their lead singer.


Set the Tone returned from Compass Point in Nassau to continue recording their album on Island Records with Brian. Cy left soon after to STV in 1982. He was replaced by Danny Mitchell of the now defunct Modern Man and future Midge Ure songwriter fame. Danny in turn left later that year for London and was replaced by keyboardist - Robin Rankin.


The need to expand was still a major priority for Ca Va so after buying out his sleeping partner - Harry in 1984, and a good year of trading, Brian managed to convince Ca Va's bank to loan him £ 150,000 to expand. Brian also began what was to become a long relationship with Island Records’ artist John Martyn. The first album dubbed and mixed at Ca Va was “Philanthropy”. John also came in with Glasgow East End band – Scheme, and recorded an EP. John returned from the West Indies to continue recording his “Sapphire” album helped by Robert Palmer and Foss Paterson. Skin and his Glasgow band Hipsway came in to record some tracks this year too. Kirkintilloch born rocker Billy Rankin had just signed for US label A&M, he decided to record his “Crankin’” album with Brian engineering at Ca Va. US musicians were flown over as was US producer – John Ryan – the Chicago Kid.


Eastlake Audio of London was commissioned to design and build the new Ca Va Studio 1. The building took 3 months to complete and was done to the musical accompaniment of Runrig who were recording their "Heartland" album. Helen Clark joined during this busy period as our new administrator coming from Viking Radio and Radio Clyde. A new trainee engineer - Kevin Key also arrived. Our MCI JH-600 console and JH-24 multitrack were installed and lots of new toys were added. So on 5th July, 1985 the first session began with producer Dave Murricane recording television commercial for Texstyle World, followed later the same day by John Martyn beginning his "Piece by Piece" album for Island Records. Robin and Cy became partners in July 1985, but Alison left to join the new independent video company - Scope.


This move really lit the touch paper at Ca Va, as the UK music business spotlight was firmly    focused on Glasgow and Ca Va was there at the right time and the right place with the right studio and engineers. Our first top 10 hit was Hue & Cry's " Labour of Love " single reaching no.6 in April, 1987. This was the start of a run with bands such as The Silencers, Texas, Wet ! Wet ! Wet !, Deacon Blue, Capercaillie, The Highlanders and Love & Money recording at Ca Va through the late 80's and into the 90's.   We went Eurovision this year too with Rikki Peebles and his song “Only the Light” being the UK entry with Robin on keyboards ... great jackets !!

To cope with the onslaught Ca Va pushed the boat out again and bought a new Amek G2520  console in 1987 with 48 channels, thus allowing 48 track recording with the purchase of     another MCI JH-24 recorder and lots more toys. Various BBC TV soundtracks were recorded at Ca Va over these years including: “Your Cheatin’ Heart” with Eddi Reader and “Tutti Frutti” with Robbie Coltrane and Emma Thompson.


Deacon Blue's keyboardist - Jim Prime had a real passion for Bosendorfer pianos, so we bought one ... the full-size Bosendorfer Imperial Grand , one of the last with an ivory keyboard, absolutely stunning at only £41,500 . 


We then had Deacon Blue's no.2 hit with it " I'll never fall in love again" from their "4 Bacharach & David songs EP" produced by Jon Kelly. A big highlight this year was during the mixing of John Martyn's “Cooltide" album when the studio was visited by John's friend - Bonnie Raitt ! She sang wonderfully to John's title track, but unfortunately contractually could not be recorded. Ca Va's Studio 2, back in the ex-Sunday school , was therefore equipped with the MCI JH-600 console and yet another MCI JH-24 recorder with some more toys. During this busy period we had many new assistant engineers join us - Gavin McComb , Gordon Rintoul, Scott Campbell, Gregor Reid,   Brian McNeill, and Tony Doogan . The awards come in ! We were all chuffed when Ca Va were named Top UK Commercial Studio in Music Week's Studio of the month awards for September, 1990 with Calliope, New York winning the Top US award. Ca Va was also presented with the     Ampex Golden Reel award for recording "When the world knows your name " by Deacon Blue. Robin was also awarded a Double Gold album for engineering Deacon Blue's "Ooh Las Vegas" double album. 


Ca Va's Studio 3 came officially on line in 1992 with the advent of usable quality digital recording and editing via Digidesign's Protools (Version 1.0 no less). We had used this studio for pre-production before this and this was where Hue & Cry's hit " Looking for Linda " was conceived. Feeling like expansion, and encouraged by local music suppliers - Sound Control, Ca Va with new partner - Nik Kinloch bought over Sonic Studios in Leith, Edinburgh. Again an Amek console was installed - an Einstein with yet again a MCI JH-24 multitrack recorder. Ca Va was now in business in Edinburgh with one studio and 2 rehearsal rooms and trading as Ca Va East with our first session in July 1992 with producer / artist Jim Sutherland. 


Ca Va began trading in the basement of owner Brian Young’s house mid 1974 with clients Norman Evans band, Mike Alexander of Pelicula Films and the Citizen’s Theatre audio for their productions

“Elizabeth 1“ and “Thyestes“. The studio technology was basic but sound, 2 Revox 2 track machines and a few compressors and mikes and a coal fire in the studio . 

Midge Ure’s pop band Slik also came into demo their own songs trying to get away from total pop.


Still in expansion mode , this time encouraged by engineer - Ivor Barnett, on his return from Italy , we approached ILR radio station Radio Clyde to take over the running of their mobile recording studio. This new company became the Audiomobile. We recorded our first mobile session in Aberdeen with the now deceased entertainer Andy Stewart in April 1993. Ivor went foreign again in 1995 and Ca Va now have the entire Audiomobile as part of Ca Va. Another Amek G2520 console with 48 channels runs the mobile as do (you guessed it) 2 MCI 24 track recorders. Debbie Poole joined us as assistant administrator, as did Geoff Allan as trainee engineer.


Edinburgh studio owner - Calum Malcolm - approached Ca Va in spring 1994 with the idea of   amalgamating his Pencaitland studio - Castlesound with Ca Va East. Basically his studio with our equipment and sharing to attract clients into one improved studio area. This became Castle Ca Va Studios. Ca Va continued in Leith as exclusively a rehearsal zone with now 4 rooms. On this note Cy Jack left the Ca Va partnership. Part of the Malcolm deal was Ca Va's Studio 1's existing console would move to Pencaitland, and Ca Va would buy his Amek RN Mozart. The first session at Castle Ca Va was on August 15th, 1994. Nik Kinloch opted to leave the Ca Va East partnership and was replaced by the former REL engineer - Stuart Hamilton who would work alongside Malcolm. 

The inaugural T in the Park in Hamilton with the Audiomobile for STV.

A fantastic line up, great support from the artists and an amazing reaction from the crowd. Rage Against the Machine, Bjork and Cypress Hill were on the Main stage and an incredible lineup of Blur, The Manic Street Preachers, Pulp and Oasis all packed into the King Tuts Tent. Robbie Williams turned up to hang out and play football and Oasis proclaimed that this was their best ever performance. An unknown band called Glass Onion ­ who later changed their name to Travis - played the New Talent Stage. (They also recorded a demo at Ca Va this year).


A famous recording session happened on August 24. A young bunch of musicians called     Belle and Sebastian booked in for a week to record their inaugral album – “Tigermilk”. Stow College’s Electric Honey Records picked up on the album , releasing 1,000 copies. The album launch was held at Ca Va’s studio 1 to a huge audience, perhaps the largest ever in Ca Va’s main studio floor.

T-in-the-park 2 !

Paul Weller, M People, The Verve, The Charlatans, Tricky, The Beautiful South, Cast,        Supergrass and Shed Seven all performed across the stages, with a memorable appearance  from Kylie Minogue who created the longest queues at the signing tent that weekend. Kermit from Black Grape performed a memorable set sitting down on the stage, after breaking his ankle earlier in the day and refusing to go to hospital.


Brian began engineering and co-producing with Runrig their album “Mara”, the relationship  staying firm for many years including live cds and videos The Castle Ca Va deal was made for 3 years, but due mostly to Malcolm's increasing  workload outside the Castle Ca Va setup, we mutually decided to cease trading. This year Kevin Key also departed.

T-in-the-park 3 !

The final year at Strathclyde Country Park and a phenomenal set from Radiohead on the Saturday evening, with performances from Alanis Morrisette, Prodigy, Foo Fighters, Beck, Leftfield and Black Grape. This was also the year that Keanu Reeves arrived on a shuttle bus to play the  festival with his band Dogstar, and Joe Strummer busked in the campsite.


Ca Va decided to quit Edinburgh completely at Christmas 1997 when Ca Va East was sold on to producer - James Locke. The sun was shining brightly back in Glasgow - Ca Va was offered a very tasty mixing console from the ex-Stone Roses' English studio. That deal was to fall through but enthralled by the console's quality Ca Va were able to purchase an absolutely stunning brand new Neve VR Legend mixing console with Recall and Flying Faders directly from AMS/ Neve.The console went into operation in October 1997 and has not stopped since its first sessions with ex-Soup Dragons' Sean Dickson's band - The High Fidelity who had Blur man - John Smith on controls, assisted by new Ca Va man - Dave Naughton. Willie Deans also joined us as a trainee engineer.

T-in-the-park 4 !

A move to Balado coincided with brilliant sets from Texas, Travis, Fun Lovin’ Criminals and Spearhead. This was The Slam Tents first year, and they presented a brilliant line up, which    included Daft Punk, Green Velvet and Death In Vegas. Stereophonics and Mogwai played the King Tuts Tent.


Studio 1 was filmed and broadcast nationally on December 9th, 1998 in Channel 4's music drama series - " The Young Musician's Guide to become a Rock Star ". Runrig finishing their album with their new singer Bruce Guthro in Studios 1 and 3--" In Search of Angels ". Studio 2 finished the year with The Delgados recording with Tony Doogan. The Audiomobile finished the year at the Glasgow Armadillo Concert Hall for a couple of nights with Nanci Griffiths engineered by former Ca Va man - Brian McNeill for Pelicula Films . Ca Va engineer - Gregor Reid signed a recording contract with his band Cinema and Domino Records and moved to London where he also works with Unique Facilities. 

T-in-the-park 5 !

Robbie Williams stole the show with his first official appearance at the event, but other names included Prodigy, Pulp, Beastie Boys, Ian Brown, Portishead, Natalie Imbruglia, A Tribe Called Quest, Idlewild and appearances again from Travis and Stereophonics. Fans saw extremes in the weather, with Saturday being scorching hot and Sunday seeing heavy rain. Pulp’s Common People provided a rousing finale to the weekend.


We started the year with the US band - Mercury Rev - for BBC Scotland. The session went so well the band's record company released it on CD. Arab Strap began their album as did Donnie Munro in January. In February at the prestigious Brit Awards Music ceremony new Ca Va favourites - Belle and Sebastian literally ran away with the “Best Newcomer Award for 1999” - voted by the Radio One listeners !! US producer Bruce Goggin completed recording and mixing the entire new Urusai Yatsura album. Spring brought old Ca Va favourites back to Glasgow - Simple Minds, they  recorded and mixed their new album in Studio 1 with a US production crew. We opened our new broadcast studio in March in our Studio 4 and called it tx4, our broadcast sessions include "Brand New Opry" with Brian Burnett and "Original Masters" with John Cavanagh for BBC Radio Scotland - ISDN at Ca Va !!... we were to record 350+ of these programmes before BBC Scotland took it back . More BBC live studio sessions include - Snow Patrol - Macrocosmica -Astrid - Geneva - Magic Drive and El Hombre.

The new Scottish parliament opened for business on July 1st, the Audiomobile was there  recording the celebrations with Shirley Manson and her band Garbage for STV and Grampian.The Audiomobile went onto record another famous Scottish opening - the first gig at the new Hampden Park with Rod Stewart. Ca Va gets into film soundtracks this summer recording the movie soundtrack with Northwind and Summerhouse for Palm Tree productions – “Love the One You're With” . All the films audio post production was completed in Studio 4. Spice Girl's Mel C, produced by Craig Armstrong in Studio 1 material for her new album - Northern Star., crossing over with Scots' indies band - Mogwai. The americans kept coming - singer / songwriter Stephen Burns laying tracks with his US guitarist - Will, then producers "Cutfather and Joe" came in with no.1 Irish band - Westlife recording a new single, the young girls were back outside reception !!  We installed a vintage Neve 5106 console in Studio 2, where Isabel Campbell of Belle and Sebastian is mixing her second album with Gentle Waves, and Edinburgh's Idlewild are mixing with London producer Dave Eringer in Studio 1, as are Belle and Sebastian with Tony Doogan. This year Dugald Brough and Ian Grier joined as trainees and Dave Naughton left for Battery Studios in London. 

T-in-the-park 6 !

Blur, Stereophonics, Manic Street Preachers, Massive Attack, James, Placebo, Travis, Happy Monday, Gomez, Carl Cox, Fat Boy Slim, Fun Lovin Criminals and Faithless were amongst the names on a strong line up. The Manics made their memorable tribute to King Tuts from the Main Stage, thanking them for being the first venue to give the band hot food on tour.

This was our last T-in-the-park ! 

The BBC decided they would bring all their own trucks up from London and have total control …!


Started strong with both Belle & Sebastian and The Gentle Waves continuing their albums, and American Stephen Burns , and his band The Scruffs, keeps coming back for more, recruiting players from local bands V Twin and Teenage Fanclub.

The boys from Idlewild also spent some time with us, and BBC Radio kept us busy with The    Primevils, Mondo Morricone, The Zeffers, Looper, Peeps Into Fairyland, Police Chief, AC Accoustics.         Andmoresound Ltd, signings Camera Obscura, and Tacoma Radar both demanded Geoff's attention, as well as Arab Strap, while Tony began work on Astrid's Album, for Fantastic Plastic, and Teenage Fanclub, Mogwai and Looper, and new engineer Dave Paterson recorded a belter of a rock, blues album with local outfit The Nimmo Brothers, Dave also headed us in another direction, when he recorded and arranged all the actors for a new computer game "The Roswell Conspiracies" utilising CaVa's ISDN facilities to record both English and American actors for the character voices, he also used these facilities to link Texas to the famous Capital Records building in Los Angeles recording film music, and again to record french singing for producer Halle Llastrom's film "Chocolat".

We continued working throughout the year with Runrig, Singer songwriter Rab Noakes recorded an album with ace harmonica player Fraser Speirs.

Taggart came in and filmed, and the truck was out at Glasgow Green with

The World Pipe Band Championships, The Phoenix Choir, Texas, Hank Williams III .

In the course of the year we have become involved with several excellent new bands, Lapsus  Linguae, Cho Cho, and many more.  New recruit, piano player Michael Bannister also joined us.


Once again, we were squeezing bands in every minute of the day, starting off the new year with Astrid, recording for the BBC, Runrig, Terra Diablo, Tacoma Radar, V Twin, The Gentle Waves, and Belle and Sebastian.

The start of the year also brought the huge collaboration, The Reindeer Section, bringing   members of Astrid, Snow Patrol, Belle and Sebastian, Eva, Mogwai and The Mull Historical    Society to record an album, with our very own wee Michael playing piano, which was so well received that there is already a follow up in the pipeline.

As well as all the usual favourites, we have encountered a few new acts this year with punks Nerve producing a great wee EP, Dr Honda releasing their Ca Va recording of " Don't Sleep Much ", the band have discovered fans as widespread as Japan, so we should hear a lot more from them this year!

One of the highlights of the year was a visit from American band Wheatus, who came in while on tour, to complete some work on their single, a cover of the Erasure hit " A Little Respect ", which did well in the charts for a second time also !

With a new record label, and a new album to record, it was great to have Horse back in the studio, although we had done a live album with her and the mobile, this was her first studio album for a while.

American duo Tabitha and Vinnie of Joy Zipper arrived in town to record an album, with Tony producing, just in time for a few days of Glasgow sunshine.


The year kicked off with The Reindeer Section, a new album, and a documentary of the super group, who seem to be growing in number, and popularity.

We also had the pleasure of working on a Frankie Miller tribute album this year, recording  everyone from new talent to rock legends Nazareth, Thin Lizzy’s Brian Robertson, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, and a huge array of singers performing Frankie's songs, Ray Wilson of Genesis, Fish, Lulu, Joe Walsh. Frankie himself showing up to give his approval   of the finished recordings. The project ended with a massive concert in aid of charity at the   Barrowlands which we took the Audiomobile out to record, many of the acts featured on the Frankie album.

The Delgados finished their album "Hate" mid summer, and another two acts who spent a   considerable amount of time in the studio were Aereogramme, and Arab Strap, also Malcolm Middleton of Arab Strap recorded his solo album.

Our Tony began work on the soundtrack for US Movie starring Ewan McGregor, Young Adam   with David Byrne of Talking Heads in the summer.

BBC Celtic Connections brought us many sounds from all over the world talents hailing from Scotland to Cuba, while BBC Session in Scotland recorded sooo many bands! Purple Munkie, Sneak Attack Tigers, and V Twin, who brought Andrew Loog Oldman the original Rolling Stones manager for a visit.

It hasn't been all sex and drugs and Rock'n'Roll, with recording the music for the popular BBC  children's programme Balimory, and even a dance record of Orville the duck. (Children like music too!)

And Australians love Mogwai, who have gone down so well Down Under, rumour has it, they made an appearance on Neighbours. Anyway the chaps are in recording the next album.

Onto the mobile, and as usual we have been all over the place recording Faithless, The Foo Fighters, Oasis and Lambchop to name but a few.


A wonderful female presence in the studios at the start of 2003 with a very special Burns album from Eddi Reader with the Scottish National Orchestra in studio 1, and Quinn fronted by Louise Quinn in studio 2. We have also seen lots of the new Scottish girl group Lemonescent several times this year.

A new album from Mogwai ‘Happy Songs for Happy People’ early in the year, and also a BBC   Session in Scotland appearances by Nero, The Thrills, The Chymes and The Grim Northern  Social, who came back later in the year to record an album with Geoff. Number One album metal artists The Darkness joined us for their BBC session.

Popular celtic artist Blair Douglas came in to record an album . Runrig also spent time with us again this year working on their Proterra album.

Another up and coming band Dogs Die In Hot Cars came in to record their second single in studio 2.

Local punksters Nerve paid a second visit to the studio to record their follow up album, and V-Twin finally made it in to record their album with Stones manager/ producer Andrew Loog Oldham. In August our “Young Adam” movie won a serious award at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

Japanese band Quruli made the trip here to record with Tony, and Australian band Anabranch  got all creative with Brian and Geoff.

On the local front we have an album by comedienne Karen Dunbar in production at the moment, Fish and The Proclaimers are busy in the studios, as is Texan Stephen Burns with The Scruffs.

The Audiomobile has been out plenty this year, with Darius, Lambchop, Ash, Texas, Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks, The Proclaimers, and number one American artist Avril Lavigne.


So far this year we have played host to Franz Ferdinand, Belle & Sebastian and Snow Patrol  who have all had huge mainstream chart success this year.

BBC Radio Scotland have sent us plenty of top bands with girlrockers - We Rock Like Girls Don’t, Tiger Style  plus Australian folksters The Waifs  and Raar. The cast of “Balmory“ have kept us busy this year, and composer Paul Leonard Morgan has been working hard on music for  television drama “Silent Witness“. Isabel Campbell and Bill Wells have been working on each other’s projects with a few familiar faces including Aiden Moffat of Arab Strap.

The Audiomobile started the year off with a live recording of The Proclaimers for a DVD, and later a Tenents ad featuring Franz Ferdinand. American rapper Jazzy Jeff was recorded for Beat 106 at the Arches.

The ladies did their bit also - Lemonescent popped by, and The Midden followed up their debut album in a more pop direction - P’igloo.

Karen Dunbar has also just finished her new album.

Meanwhile our Dave pieced together an audio visual presentation for “The Robert Burns House“. The funky Nacoya laid down some stuff before heading for an American tour, Camera Obscura , 7 Stone Lighter, Electric Honey’s Poor Old Ben , Eddi Reader , Terra Diablo  have all been

producing some fab tracks.

New TV star Davie Sneddon and songwriting buddy John Keilty popped in to record new songs.


This was always going to be a very interesting year in the evolution of Ca Va.

For some time our good old church roof had been giving us a bit of gyp and this year would prove no exception. With us being an A- Listed building (international importance no less!) the bill to replace the roof could have hit £300,000!!  So with this in mind we looked for solutions and eventually sold off the main church area to property developers but retained the church hall, offices, reception area and Oriental back garden.

Come that June we lost both Studio 1 and tx4, but maintained our ever popular Studio 2. We built a new tx4 – mastering and broadcast studio located upstairs, and of course The Audiomobile was still very much with us.

At this stage in their life both Robin and Helen decided to retire from the Ca Va partnership and move on - Brian took over again as sole owner. 

Both Geoff Allan and Dave Paterson stayed on as engineers with Pam Smith joining us in both     administation and engineering roles. 

Debs also moved on to new pastures, as did our huge Bosendorfer piano (not enough space any more) to Peter Gabriel’s studio – Real World in Bath.

Michael left early in the year to join up with studio friends Texas.

History note: 

Some people actually thought we had disappeared from sight – far from it – but London book     publishers – Reynolds and Hearns did, and unfortunately went to print with their “Franz Ferdinand and the Pop Renaissance” book – stating Ca Va had gone. They fortunately withdrew this    misinformation by stating on both their website and in the book’s “ errata”

“ … CaVa Studios is still active and remains a key part of the Glasgow music business. The author and publisher sincerely apologise to the studio for this error. “

( they kindly helped us finance our new website too … many thanks )

The big albums still kept coming with Mojo (Xmas edition) choosing 2 of our albums in their 50 Best Albums of 2005 . Geoff’s Malcolm Middleton album “ Into the Woods” at no.8, and Dave’s Vashti Bunyan album “ Lookaftering “ at no. 33 … well done chaps.

To round the year off we had Black Eyed Peas book in for 2 days and a great recording visit from Rufus Wainwright and his friend Jane Birkin … je t’aime,

Je t’aime ca va !